Adrienne Hunt

Adrienne Hunt was born and raised in Lufkin, TX and graduated in 2001 from Lufkin High School. Adrienne began a career in the banking industry and moved to Arlington, Texas where she has resided for the last 16 years. Half a decade ago Adrienne enrolled at Ogle Beauty school for esthetician school for a career change and she became a licensed esthetician. Upon completion of the required 750 hours, Adrienne took additional Brazilian Wax courses from the franchise company Depil Brazil Waxing Studio in Arlington, TX to ensure she became a master of Brazilian waxing. Adrienne is also the founder and CEO of Wax Boss Waxing Studio formerly A's BodyTreats. She began A's BodyTreats almost a half a decade ago and recently trademarked Wax Boss Waxing Studio to begin her dream of owning a franchise with a name to match exactly what we do. Adrienne wanted to master a painless Brazilian wax with emphasis on leaving no hair left behind. What's worse than paying all that money to remove hair and when you get home you still have hair, that's a bummer. Adrienne started off using a magnifying glass to ensure she got every strand of hair even if it took her an hour! But as time went on, she mastered several different techniques to minimize her time down to 15 minutes or less. However, she booked appointments for 30 minutes to build rapport with each one of her clients, & even allow them to relax. Adrienne worked simultaneously in Arlington and Lufkin to build clientele in both locations, and did that for the first year of opening! Eventually she was able to hire other estheticians to keep up with the demand, and uphold the no hair left behind, & minimal pain standard.

Faith Brooks

Faith Brooks was born and raised in Oakland, California and relocated to Lufkin Texas 3 years ago. Faith has been waxing for a half of a decade. Faith's passion started off as an interest in makeup but once enrolled at Avalon School of Cosmetology in Alameda California she fell in love with the entire beauty industry. Once Faith graduated and pass the minimum requirements to become a licensed esthetician, she immediately began work at one of the top franchise companies worldwide, European Wax Center for 2 years specializing in speed waxing for the full body. Faith relocated to Lufkin and became the manager and lead waxer for Wax Boss Waxing Studio formerly A's BodyTreats. Faith's clientele grew rapidly with a personality of a southern California girl to an east Texas Lufkin woman with such a bubbly personality how could any client not turn into a repeat client. Faith prides herself in being called the soul snatcher and has accomplished the no hair left behind motto. Faith recently welcomed a baby girl Annaleah who's one years old. She's her pride and joy. Faith has grown clientele in the entire Angelina County that led to opening a location in Nacogdoches as well. Faith travels to both locations to ensure clients are taken care of and get the same experience as the Lufkin location and upholding the same standards at all location and future locations to come.

Jaya Clifton

Jaya Clifton graduated from San Augustine High School in 2020. She's the youngest of the Wax Boss Crew. Jaya always had a passion for beauty and skin care so that landed her in Lufkin Texas where she's currently attending Esthetician School at The Academy of Hair Design. Jaya is skilled and certified in quick, easy, painless Brazilians, Full Body Waxing, Eyelash Extensions and more! Jaya is dedicated to making each and every client feel at their best inside and out! Jaya has completed her Brazilian wax certification from Wax Boss Waxing Studio certifying to uphold the no hair left behind. Upon completion of the required amount of hours required from the state of Texas Jaya will be located in our Nacogdoches full time.

Tanisha Martin

Tanisha Martin is a licensed esthetician originally from El Paso. Tanisha bounced around from Lufkin to Brooklyn then finally to San Antonio where she realized she had an ardor for making people feel beautiful inside and out. What better way to build someone's confidence than to make them proud of their appearance? In January 2020 Tanisha began her esthetician journey at Ogle school in San Antonio. Upon her completion of the required state minimum hours of completion she left the city life to settle down and start her roots in the wonderful calm of Lufkin. Tanisha completed her Brazilian wax certification from Wax Boss Waxing Studio in May certifying to uphold the no hair left behind and began working at Wax Boss Waxing Studio in June.